Tanning and Presentation

Overall presentation plays a huge part when you are on stage. You could be the best competitor up there but with a horrible tan or no tan at all you may not even place.

A good tan will help show off your body by highlighting the muscle definition under the bright lights. Without a tan your skin will be drowned out by the lights and even a ripped physique will look out of shape.  Do not underestimate how dark you need to be, and do your research online. 

Make sure you prepare your skin properly and apply a smaller amount to your hands, feet, knees, elbows and face than the rest of your body.  You may need to apply two to four coats, as directed by the tan you choose.  On the day do not apply any oils without checking that the tan you are using can be used with oil as it may cause it to fade, run or go blotchy.   Have a dark towel with you backstage for blotting your tan if you start to sweat, do not wipe... blot!

Some tans will react with deodorants and soaps and can cause the area of the tan to go green, another reason to do the research. Make sure you wear loose dark clothing and that your tan is dry before you get dressed.  Having someone who has had tans done before apply your tan for you is a must, as certain places are impossible to reach on your own.

Some other ways to perfect your overall on-the-day presentation are:

  • Try to cover tattoos or pose on the opposite side to your tattoo
  • Make sure your hair is neat, tidy and not going to hide your body
  • Choose trunks/bikinis that fit really well and are not too small or loose
  • Body hair removal is done professionally
  • Smile
  • Tan your face as well
  • You have perfected your posing through hours of practice
  • Train hard and be in your best shape!