Check each item with a tick when task is completed.

Cross out anything that doesn't apply to you.
Pack everything into a bad on wheels so you don't have to carry everything around.

Tip: Avoid carry bags over your shoulder - You don't want to muck your tan.


Checklist ItemComplete
Loose clothing for after your tan - no singlets to avoid marks  
Competition bikini / swimwear 
Competition high heels  
Fitness wear - check both top and bottom is packed  
Fitness shoes and socks  
Themed costume for fitness models  
Jewellery: bracelet, earrings, rings, etc  
Bra for sportswear / themed wear  
Bikini bite 
Top coats glaze or oil  
Music if doing optional routine  
Music back up copy  
Bobbi pins  
Hair spray or products  
Hair straightener in case of any touch ups  
Make up touch up kit and lip gloss  
Baby wipes  
Large and small towel  
Listerine breath strips / mini disposable toothbrushes  
Food, water, and supplements needed  
Robe to wear in between rounds  
Clothes to change into after the show  
Safety pins, scissors, needle and thread just in case  
Pumping up bands for backstage (dumbells and weights are provided)  
Your competitor number