Bodybuilding and Figure

Know Your Compulsory Poses


  • Front double bicep (hands open, extend your thigh)
  • Side chest
  • Side tricep
  • Rear double bicep (hands open, spike your calf)
  • Abdominals and thigh

Physique and Bodybuilding

  • Front double bicep
  • Front lat spread
  • Side chest
  • Side tricep
  • Rear double bicep
  • Rear lat spread
  • Abdominal and thigh
  • Most muscular
  • Remember, physique ladies to have closed fist, same as Men


Quarter turns will follow compulsory poses.


Very important to make the time to get these poses right so practice, practice, practice. When you get on stage you should not have to think about how to pose, it should be second nature.

Also, your muscles do not get bigger or look better if you pull faces, grunt or groan. So much nicer if you are relaxed on stage and can smile.

You may be required to be on stage for quite some time, particularly if there is a big line up and a close contest, so make sure you are hydrated as the lights will drain you. The lights are also very hot so make sure your contest colour is not going to run or streak.

Make sure that when you walk onto the stage you own it. Hold yourself strong and get the judges attention and keep it.

Also, when asked to strike a post, get into it straight away. The judges can only judge what they see and if you take too long the next pose may have been called...





Open Male Physique  
Teenage Under 19yrs.
Juniors Under 22yrs.
Masters 40yrs. & Over
Grand Masters 50yrs. & Over
Ultra Grand Masters 60yrs. & Over
Novice Men Have not placed first in prior show
Open Mens Under 70kg
Open Mens Under 80kg
Open Mens Under 90kg
Open Mens Over 90kg


Novice Figure   Have not placed first in prior Show
Junior Figure Under 25
Masters Figure Over 35yrs.
Grand Masters Figure Over 45yrs.
Ultra Grand Masters Figure Over 50yrs.
Classic Figure Over 55yrs.
Open Figure Short Under 163cm
Open Figure Tall 163cm & Over
Figure International Short Under 163cm
Figure International Tall 163cm & Over
Novice Physique Have not placed first in prior show
Open Physique  


Mixed Pairs

All pairs are required to do a Compulsory Posing Routine followed by Compulsory Poses.


 Muscle Model/Physique